We are proud to be a Mitsubishi Diamond Preferred Contractor.

​We do not take this status lightly and it cannot be attained any other way than earning it. We work very hard to maintain our Preferred Contractor status.​

Not only does this status guarantee that we have a higher level of training but offers you a longer 12 year parts and compressor warranty.​

We choose to participate in the Diamond Contractor program to show our dedication to this product and to our customers.

Our heat pump systems provide heat down to -15 degrees with Hyper-Heating technology and can be configured to almost any room.

With efficiency up to 33.1 SEER they are very economical to operate.

​Beware of other brands as most of them shut completely off at +15 degrees in heating mode!

​This is why we only sell Mitsubishi Electric systems!

The Mitsubishi inverter driven compressor can speed up or slow down based on the heating or cooling demand within your home.

This increases your energy savings and offers very precise temperature control room by room.

Why heat and cool your entire home or office when you can heat or cool only the rooms you are using?​

Call us today for a free estimate on a professionally designed system for your home or office.

​We can also engineer a complex system for your business or public facility.

660 433 0123

We are offer Mitsubishi Electric Ductless products.

With their variable speed technology they offer some of the most energy efficient heating and cooling units available.

Weather its one room or your entire home, Mitsubishi has the answer to your heating and cooling problems.

Mitsubishi ductless installations take less time and create less of a mess in your home than traditional ducted systems.

​Heating or cooling the rooms you are in and not the entire home or office, Makes perfect sense!

We provide a 10 year labor warranty* and one year free maintenance on all new systems.

​Millsap Mechanical Services

* 10 year labor warranty provided by MMS*

Available on new system installation

System must have yearly maintenance plan in effect to qualify. Systems installed with no maintenance plan in effect after 1st year will only qualify for 1 year labor warranty.  

Policy effective starting Feb. 1/2018 

               ​ 660 433 0123          


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