The Aprilaire media air filter provides

excellent air filtration up to MERV 13 at less expense than the electronic air cleaner.

The Aprilaire electronic air cleaner is one of the best and most dependable. It traps dust and allergens better than any other.

We carry a full line of Aprilaire electronic air cleaners, high efficiency media air filters and humidifiers to provide your family with healthier indoor air.

​If you have a dust or allergy problem give us a call and together we can come up with a solution.

Dry indoor air is not only bad for your skin and respiratory system, it's also hard on your wood floors and furniture. A whole home humidifier will also greatly reduce the static electricity in your home.

The Aprilaire model 700 humidifier is fan powered and can increase the humidity without your heating system being on, this feature allows for a precise level of humidity in your home.

​Millsap Mechanical Services

The Aprilaire model 600 is a bypass type humidifier and provides an excellent way to increase the humidity in your home.

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