Do you have these light bulbs in your home?

The old incandesent bulbs use a huge amount of energy and produce high amounts of heat.

The newer CFL bulbs use considerably less energy but also produce a crazy amount of heat.

Consider upgrading to LED bulbs, they use a fraction of the energy and produce very low amounts of heat.

We can retrofit almost any type of lighting to LED.

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We offer a variety of electrical services from major commercial upgrades and wiring to residential service upgrades. We can add outlets or switches, replace panel boxes and meter bases or completely rewire your commercial property or home.

We offer a variety of electrical services from wiring your new home to upgrading your current equipment.

We also provide commercial electrical services, standby generators, outdoor sign and canopy lighting, troubleshooing of electrical issues, and LED lighting upgrades.

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Which light bulb do i need? It's kind of confusing since the LED bulbs are rated in Lumens instead of Watts. Here is a handy chart that shows comparison of these bulbs. Note the Watt usage difference, it isn't hard to see how fast you can see savings using LED bulbs and they can last for up to 30 years of use.

Can you get that from any other bulb?